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遊戲名 Minimal Escape
分類 休閑
破解詳情 破解版
大小 66.6MB
下載次數 1749
開發者 TheAnd Games
評分 6.0
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Fantasy, fairy tale-like, puzzle adventure game

Simple gameplay with difficult puzzles.

Experience a fairy tale fantasy in a puzzle adventure game.

Minimal Escape is a story about a small fairy in a fantasy world.

Is the dark world you travel simply a little nightmare, or our future to come?

Traverse and purify the polluted world and try to restore its former beauty.

Main Features

•A mix of arcade, adventure, and puzzle

•Incorporates the laws of physics

•24 alluring and addicting stages

•Advanced puzzles that require all of your brainpower

•Exquisite 3D animation created with the Unity engine

•Offers a dreamlike, surreal experience with its highly immersive visuals and audio

•Diverse and original level designs

How to play

•Solve complicated puzzles, and escape and survive against all sorts of obstacles

•Find hidden elements, explore paths, and collect stars

•Simple controls with directional and jump buttons that require a little bit of luck

Minimal Escape is a top quality indie/arcade/adventure mobile game.

Listen to the echoes of the environment.

The world\’s fateful secrets lie before you.

Play this beautiful odyssey now!

Developer Contact [email protected]

Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape 「破解版」v22 Android遊戲免費下載 (66.6MB)


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