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遊戲名 Specimen Zero
分類 街機
破解詳情 破解版
大小 146.7MB
下載次數 7195
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
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You wake up in an unknown place and the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something has happened in that strange place, something out of the ordinary … something dangerous. You must discover the way to escape. Because here, you will only find death.

Explore a big dark area: secret buildings, a horror hospital, mysterious labs and creepy rooms, all this scares goosebumps.

Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items in order to escape from that horror place and a scary monster.

Do not make loud noise and be careful because the monster might see or hear you! It kills everyone who gets in its way!

Escape with your friends in online multiplayer mode!

If you like scary adventure escape experiences, Specimen Zero – Online horror is the game for you!

-To connect with friends make sure you all use the same version of the game and have selected the same Region in the multiplayer menu.
-It\’s recommend playing with headphones on.

I am an independent developer striving to create good games. I enjoy improving this game and hope you enjoy exploring it.

If you know how to improve this multiplayer horror game – just leave me your feedback at [email protected]

Specimen Zero(付費內容免費體驗)

Specimen Zero(付費內容免費體驗)

Specimen Zero(付費內容免費體驗)

Specimen Zero(付費內容免費體驗)

Specimen Zero 「破解版」v1.1.1 Android遊戲免費下載 (146.7MB)


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