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遊戲名 Lost Ark: Disease
分類 街機
破解詳情 破解版
大小 71.1MB
下載次數 2556
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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[This is a large number of ketchup warning! If you feel unwell, please exit immediately]
In 2326 AD, the space transport aircraft \”Frontline-16\” carried 975 crew and 67 crew members slowly sailing in the vast expanse of the universe, and a terrible alien virus was spreading silently on the ship…
\”You\” are Jonathan Reeves, a member of the \”Frontline-16\” space expedition. You wake up and find yourself in the medical cabin of the starship. You are recalling why you appeared here. But I found myself suffering from a splitting headache, as if I had lost part of my memory. At this time, the door of the medical cabin opened-the usually kind doctor with blood on his face, leaped towards you with his teeth and claws, you had to pick up your gun to defend yourself …

-Smooth feel-
The easy-to-use operation controls bring an ultra-smooth operation experience, which can satisfy the player’s thrill of hitting and create a fun playing environment;
-10+ future equipment-
More than 10 futuristic firearms of different shapes can be switched, bringing a completely different fighting experience;
-Plot Quest-
Through NPC interaction, we found out the cause of large-scale \”lesions\” in \”Advance-16\”, and the result was unexpected…
-Stereo effect-
Ambient music with dual renderings of space islands and horror of zombies, it is strongly recommended to wear headphones to eat!
-Super hardcore 18 levels, three difficulty levels-
-Free pure ads-
This game does not require any payment, only embedded ads, but you can close the network play, I hope players will support it.

Lost Ark: Disease

Lost Ark: Disease

Lost Ark: Disease

Lost Ark: Disease 「破解版」v1.0.2 Android遊戲免費下載 (71.1MB)


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