SnapTube VIP 「破解版」v6.02.1.6020601 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 SnapTube VIP
分類 應用
破解詳情 破解版
大小 23.0MB
下載次數 5150
開發者 Snaptube
評分 10.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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SnapTube simply is a download manager cloaking itself as a web browser. Although its design idea stresses heavily on the fact that it is an app built to download videos from a wide variety of sources on the Internet. It may seem excessive and unconvincing at first of the extra hassle and space that it would eat up in your storage drive, but down the road of this article, you might have found it a little bit more appealing than when you take it as face value.Unlike other download manager that rely on you to input a specific download URL into them so that they could begin their work, SnapTube works in a point and click concept. You log into the integrated web browser of the app, and then you browse through the different video sites that you are interested in. Through which you will begin to download their contents with the download manager housed within the app.The advantage of this is that you can completely remove the browser already installed on your phone as a bloatware, or you can finally uninstall memory hogging Chrome in trade for this one. It may not sound like a good trade in the first place, but if you’re one to love watching videos in your off-time and found yourself most of the time without WiFi or data. This is going to be the best thing for you to have on your phone.As for performance, it may not be as good as Chrome in term of pure web browsing performance and good experience. However, it made it up with a powerful download system compacted within. The main fault, however, is that this system is still relatively buggy and it seems to have yet to leave completely the developmental phase. Another criticism to the web browser section goes that it is still buggy, and sometimes, completely unusable in many respects.Therefore, only have this on your phone if you’re completely sure about what you want. But best recommendation from me goes that you should turn your eyes somewhere else if you don’t want to waste your time experimenting with a developmental product. Because this surely is one, or it is a faulty idea in general.The developers behind SnapTube surely has good intentions, and they’ve done partly the execution to reach an active product. However, this still feels as if it’s not pampered correctly for everyone to appreciate the entirety of the idea the way that the developers probably had envisaged it to be. Anyhow, this is an average app, with questionable quality. Still, the integrated developer and web browser is still going to be an interesting experience if you are willing to give it a tryout run.You can install Snaptube on your Android devices by going to or, respectively. Just download Snaptube Mod VIP APK on and install it. The game does come with optional in-app purchases and some usual ads, but they wouldn’t have too many effects on your gaming experiences. Plus, you can purchase other items later in the game too.

SnapTube VIP 「破解版」v6.02.1.6020601 Android遊戲免費下載 (23.0MB)


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