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遊戲名 Arrowbound
分類 動作
破解詳情 破解版
大小 29.4MB
下載次數 3189
開發者 Uppon Hill
評分 6.0
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Bound through a painterly pixel art world on a quest to recover your flock of woodland friends from the clutches of giant eagles! Don\’t give up, it\’s only a little higher!


▶ Leap with pixel precision using familiar slingshot controls up an increasingly challenging array of towers!

▶ Perfect your ascent on return runs with faster times and fewer falls!

▶ Enjoy a peacefully atmospheric soundtrack while you fling to higher heights.

▶ Take in the lovingly animated pixel art scenery, from autumnal vistas, to ancient desert temples, to frozen wastelands.

▶ Meet a cast of quirky fantasy characters along the journey. Will you be friends or enemies?

This game was lovingly designed and developed live on Twitch by Adam Younis as studio Uppon Hill. Come join the community at any of the social links below:


Arrowbound(破解版) 遊戲截圖 1

Arrowbound(破解版) 遊戲截圖 2

Arrowbound(破解版) 遊戲截圖 3

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Arrowbound 「破解版」v1.1.3 Android遊戲免費下載 (29.4MB)


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