Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game 「破解版」v1.15 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game
分類 動作
破解詳情 破解版
大小 318.1MB
下載次數 7328
開發者 Game Trigger
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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Zombie Terror in the city is increasing and you are the only one who can protect the innocent city from these horror zombies attack. Gear up for the most amazing anticipated zombie shooter game ever exist.

☠ Zombie Shooter Dead Terror☠

In the year 2065, the most awaited experiment of the century gets failed and humans are turning into zombies. This led to the zombie apocalypse in the city. To save humankind, an anti-terror squad brings in to kill all the zombies to prevent the few people who are still away from this failed experiment.

Now you have the responsibility for your survival as well as the people of the city who are still in the hope that someone is going to rescue them and to prevent them from zombies killing. You have your team, but you have to lead them, protect them and take the long run to end these zombies at all.



This is the fight for humanity. Upgrade and choose the best weapons to finish them in one go. Don’t show mercy on any zombies, kill them all. They can act like normal people but you don’t have to trust them. Once affected, it cannot be treated back to a normal one. Its time to showcase your talent in the best 3D FPS zombie shooter game.

~~ Zombie Shooter Dead Terror is the game in which you can ~~

✓ Shoot the zombies with the best realistic weapons

✓ Options for free upgrading of the guns to increase the fun of zombie shooter real 3d game.

✓ Chance to become the best zombie hunter anti-terror squad team leader.

✓ Compare your best killing score with friends.


Normal Guns will take less life of the zombies and thus it will take your lot of time. The only way to upgrade your weapons is by earning coins and gold. Kill the undead zombies as fast as you can and spend that money to buy new guns. Not just buying will help, upgradation of those guns bullets will take the zombie’s life with fewer efforts. In your journey, with all the guns like the pistol, shotgun, sniper, shoulder machine gun, submachine gun, and an assault rifle. You will have grenades, missiles and many more.

⚡ Features of Zombie Shooter Dead Terror ⚡

☆ A free zombie shooting in city game with the large wave of spooky undead zombies.

☆ Epic multiple weapons like shotgun, sniper, sub and shoulder machine gun available without investing real money.

☆ Missiles to completely destroy the enemy zombies in one tap.

☆ Unlock and upgrade guns to become stronger among all.

☆ Use the weapon’s scopes for the perfection of the killing shots.

☆ Masterly created levels with the best lightning ever seen.

☆ Amazing Game Music.

🎮 Play the Best Realistic 3D FPS Zombie Shoot Game Free

☆ Be the one to experience the completely realistic graphics,

☆ Feel the pain and blood of the deadly zombies.

☆ End the Zombie Dead Terror with the perfection of the shots with sniper scopes.

☆ Best Sound of the Zombies terror with ultra-realistic gun sounds.

You will find this zombie game is completely different and realistic because of the high rendered graphics and best ever gameplay. So, if you are ready to make the dead target of the zombies, trigger your inner soldier and protect the city from the zombie’s outbreak.

Download the best Zombie Shooter apocalypse FPS game now !! 👍

Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie Shooter Dead Terror : Zombie Shooting Game 「破解版」v1.15 Android遊戲免費下載 (318.1MB)


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