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遊戲名 Wild Hunter: Dinosaur Hunting
分類 動作
破解詳情 破解版
大小 101.6MB
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評分 6.0
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★★This will be the most interesting shooting game you have ever seen on your mobile phone. In our game, you will play as a hunter. ★★

Hunting all over the world
In this game, you need anywhere you\’re used to shooting, wilderness, plains, snow fields, and other places you can\’t imagine. The only purpose of taking you to different places is to help you avoid outside interference. The target is always moving, each level will increase the difficulty of shooting.

Become a professional shooter
In this hunting simulation game, we will take you directly to the hunting scene. Raise the gun to look directly at the target, aim at the vital organs, constantly hone skills, and hit the perfect hunting. An honor hunt is underway. In your field of vision, you can see different dinosaurs every time. In order to achieve this goal, hunt more valuable dinosaurs. Among Wild hunters, you can\’t be sure of the value of this dinosaur. You have to see your guide. It will help you hunt better. If you\’re hesitant to shoot again, these cute guys will run where you\’ll never hit.

Hunt for rare dinosaurs
Vivid prey, as if to jump out of the screen! Hunting the most rare and mysterious dinosaurs in the world.

The hunter changes into prey in an instant
Of course, when you are hunting, be careful that some animals will attack you. Stay alert. Kill predators before they start hunting.
Hesitation leads to failure.

A variety of firearms
We have different guns for you. Different guns have unique effects, longer range, easier aiming, more stable and so on. It makes it more convenient for you to hunt some special dinosaurs and hit their key points.

The ultimate hunting experience for dinosaur shooters. Dino hunting is not only a hunting game, but also a new realm of hunting adventure and personal experience. People who like sniping and shooting will also like this wild dinosaurs hunting. We will take you to the wildlife park, where you can hunt dino and prove your value as a professional hunter.

Game features:
-Various dinosaur types and Dino Illustrations
-More convenient for your hunting with five different rifles
-Different scenes and seasons
-Unique dinosaur design, it will decide whether to run away or attack you when disturbed by you.

Oh, you have to move fast, or the injured dinosaur will run away. Return to the wilderness, hunt and enjoy it.

Wild Hunter: Dinosaur Hunting(Unlimited banknotes)

Wild Hunter: Dinosaur Hunting(Unlimited banknotes)

Wild Hunter: Dinosaur Hunting(Unlimited banknotes)

Wild Hunter: Dinosaur Hunting(Unlimited banknotes)

Wild Hunter: Dinosaur Hunting 「破解版」v1.0.6 Android遊戲免費下載 (101.6MB)


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