Bartender The Celebs Mix 「破解版」v1.0.5 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Bartender The Celebs Mix
分類 冒險
破解詳情 破解版
大小 48.9MB
下載次數 4209
開發者 Y8
評分 6.0
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Y8 Games introduces an all-new bartending game in Bartender: The Celebs Mix. Take charge of a bar in a fancy hotel and mix the perfect drinks to keep your customers happy.

Miguel has taken on a new job at a 5-star hotel, but can he meet the demands of the guests? Guests will ask for specific drinks, and it’s up to you to use the clues to choose the right ingredients. Select ingredients, mix them together, and give it a shake to prepare a drink. Once it’s ready, serve it to your guest and see if it’s their ideal drink… or if you’ll have to start all over again.

Pay close attention to all of the clues and mix up every drink your guests ask for.


• Over 20 drinks and garnishes to combine together to try new recipes.

• Colorful guests to serve drinks to.

• Humorous scenes depending on the reception of your drink.

• Multiple endings for each guest.

• Customize the main character with a variety of costumes and styles.

• Classy music sets the tone for your drink-mixing.

Are you ready to take on the latest bartending challenge and prove yourself to be up to the task in Bartender: The Celebs Mix?

Bartender The Celebs Mix

Bartender The Celebs Mix

Bartender The Celebs Mix

Bartender The Celebs Mix

Bartender The Celebs Mix 「破解版」v1.0.5 Android遊戲免費下載 (48.9MB)


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