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遊戲名 The beasts draw cards
分類 卡牌
破解詳情 破解版
大小 37.2MB
下載次數 2577
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
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Beasts that card war game, very fun an animal card game, the game contains a lot of different card, can choose for the freedom of the players, collect a variety of different materials, to join the battle, fun, try a variety of different line-up, so interested friends, come download play together!

All beasts draw card battle game highlights

1. There is a rich achievement system in the game, where players\’ achievements are displayed;

2. The star rating on the card determines its rarity, with five stars being the rarest.

3. You have a very good choice based on your own signals and your character\’s stats, and you\’ll be here together

Beasts draw card battle game content

1. You can arm yourself with weapons and equipment purchased with resources and gold transplanted from the League Arsenal

2. Constantly upgrade levels to compete for resources and match you with the best cast. Players need to complete the challenge by drawing cards

3. Perfect restoration of various animal heroes, perfect replication of the latest gorgeous skills and more strategy games

All beasts smoke card war game features

1, the whole operation is not very difficult, even if you are the game you can also very quickly start

2. The operation is relatively simple, but it tests the logical thinking ability and strategic ability of players

3, the production is very delicate, players can choose a favorite character when entering the game for the first time;

All beasts smoke card war game description

1. The leaderboard page in the game center will display your world ranking, and players can check it by themselves.

2. These weapons are unlocked and possessed only after you complete various game missions

3. Players can freely choose any hero to enter the game and fight with players. Whoever makes it to the end is the winner

The beasts draw cards(MOD)

The beasts draw cards(MOD)

The beasts draw cards(MOD)

The beasts draw cards(MOD)

The beasts draw cards(MOD)

The beasts draw cards 「破解版」v1.1 Android遊戲免費下載 (37.2MB)


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