Bullet Action 「內置菜單」v1.0.0 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Bullet Action
分類 解謎益智
破解詳情 內置菜單
大小 49.5MB
下載次數 6916
開發者 Livemakers, Inc.
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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Gather your soldiers while defeating the endless monsters.

Feel extreme fun of the easy control of the hyper-casual games and the thrill of shooting games!!

Don\’t be misled by cute appearance! Powerful animal heroes and mighty squad battles are ready.

Commence firing when the shooter is ready to shot the Boss! Stylish bullet action is now beginning.

■ Easy controls ■

Move and shot! You can easily shot and move with a single tap

Keep up with your tense up, Endless monsters will threaten you.

■ Monster Rush ■

You will face the most extensive number of monsters you\’ve ever met.

Destroy monsters that are constantly rushing in and challenge the Boss.

■ Various weapons and transformed ■

A Moment of crisis! ride out difficulties using various weapons such as like guns and crossbows.

Once you change the weapon, your hero will transform into splendid looking.

■ Extensive squad battle ■

Destroy monsters to gather your soldiers, and build a powerful squad.

Your loyal soldiers will fight for victory.

■ Special Move ■

Select your ultimate skill depends on the weapon and the monster.

Destroy all monsters using your mighty ultimate skills.

■ Rapid Growth ■

Acquire the same type of weapons to upgrade your weapon.

New skills will unlock after upgrading weapons.

The victory is on our side. Try to destroy all the monsters using your various weapon and ultimate skills.


How to play:

– Move your character using a moving pad.

– Your character will auto-targets nearby monsters and attack.

– Gather your soldiers after destroying monsters, and build a squad.

– You can acquire various weapons such as like guns, crossbows, and rifles while battling.

– Upgrade your weapons and squad to destroy all the monsters.


– Endless monster rush

– Weapon change(transform) system for the strategic battle.

– Attractive heores and monsters.

– Depends on the squad combinations, you will experience a new strategic battle every time.

New features will update continuously.

Bullet Action(MOD)

Bullet Action(MOD)

Bullet Action(MOD)

Bullet Action(MOD)

Bullet Action 「內置菜單」v1.0.0 Android遊戲免費下載 (49.5MB)


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