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遊戲名 Murder in budapest
分類 解謎益智
破解詳情 內置菜單
大小 66.3MB
下載次數 6932
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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Doyle was lost on the mountain in the blizzard, and he found a group of hikers. Trapped hikers get food and shelter in a magnificent estate. But when they tried to leave, one of them was already dead.

Who is the murderer?
No matter who you think it is, you will have surprises!

🔎 Enough predictable mystery!
Try the comic murder mystery \”Budapest Murder: Comic Murder Adventure Story Game\” and choose your own mystery. No matter who you think the murderer is, you will be surprised.

💬A manor full of suspects!
A group of people trapped in the snowstorm came to a magnificent manor.
But every time a doll disappears, another body is found.
Who is the murderer? Could it be…me? !

🎮 Main features
-Easy-to-read stories and lots of images, even beginners can enjoy
-A tribute to the great mystery writers of Agatha Christie and Higashino Keigo.
-Humor that breaks the clichés of mysterious stories
-Based on the choice, choose your adventure type game
-The more you play, new routes and options are discovered
-From role-playing games to arcade games, the story takes you through many types
-Visual mystery novel in messenger app format

💯 If you like story-driven games, messenger-based games, choice-based games and/or visual novels, then this game is for you!

📌 There are more things to pay attention to!
-This adventure game is free to play (F2P)! .
-This game is a story-driven visual novel, you can become a detective in a mystery novel.
-This is a choice-based visual novel game, so the story and ending will change according to your choice!
-We still have a lot of stories to tell. In the future we will bring more visual novels, text-based, story-driven adventure games
-If you like this game, please check out our other games, \”7 Days\” and \”Underworld Office\”. You will not be disappointed!

👍We recommend this game to…
-Gamers who are passionate about visual novel games, adventure games, messenger-style games, and/or games that actively connect with other characters
-Players who like suspense or light novels
-Gamers looking for free games, indie games or mysterious games
-Games that like light novels, suspense movies or novel games.
-The best game for those who find the same copy-and-paste story-driven game as boring as ever
-Gamers who are looking for OG indie games (such as Undertale)

Exciting, comedy mystery!

Murder in budapest(Unlimited Currency)

Murder in budapest(Unlimited Currency)

Murder in budapest(Unlimited Currency)

Murder in budapest(Unlimited Currency)

Murder in budapest(Unlimited Currency)

Murder in budapest 「內置菜單」v1.0.3 Android遊戲免費下載 (66.3MB)


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