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遊戲名 Baby Bus Story
分類 解謎益智
破解詳情 內置菜單
大小 31.8MB
下載次數 2166
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
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[Story recommendation]
Classic fairy tales:
\”Little Red Riding Hood\”, \”Ugly Duckling\”, \”Snow White\”…covering classic children\’s literary stories such as Andersen\’s fairy tales and Grimm\’s fairy tales, weaving a colorful dream for children before going to bed.
Chinese Classics:
\”Sanzi Jing\”, \”Hundred Family Names\”, \”Sound and Rhythm Enlightenment\”… Chinese classics, catchy, sharpen their ears before going to bed, so that children can appreciate the beauty of Chinese.
Encyclopedia knowledge:
\”A lunar eclipse is a puppy eating the moon? \”How do bears spend the winter?\” \”, \”Does the little fish sleep?\” \”…Astronomy and geography, all-encompassing, encyclopedic bedtime stories, satisfy the child\’s curiosity, and prevent the baby from falling asleep with questions.
Daily life:
\”Never Open the Door\”, \”Zhuangzhuang Going to the Supermarket\”, \”I Lost Dad\”…taken from the safety stories around the child, give the baby a safety education class before going to bed!

[Recommended by age]
0-3 years old infant stage
Classical Enlightenment: Selecting recorded audio books such as \”San Zi Jing\” and \”Di Zi Gui\”, the melody is catchy, the baby sings and reads, and accumulates knowledge of Chinese culture before going to bed.
Parent-child stories: Mainly based on classic fairy tales such as Hans Christian Andersen\’s fairy tales and Grimm\’s fairy tales, with a simple plot and a soothing soundtrack. Warm time before going to bed, listen to stories with your children and enhance parent-child relationship.

4-6 years old young transition stage
Popular Science Story: Why do people want to eat? Why is there a hole in the belly? Listening to \”One Hundred Thousand Whys\”, you can easily recognize yourself and the world before going to bed.
Fantasy adventure: listen to the adventures of the sloppy kingdom and understand that careless bad habits need to be corrected. Listen to the fight against germs and develop a good habit of talking about hygiene.
Classics of Chinese Learning: Primary school must memorize ancient poems to lay the foundation for the cohesion of young children. In addition to text reading, there is also pinyin comparison to facilitate the recognition of Chinese characters.
Fairy Tales: Listen to Andersen\’s fairy tales, Grimm\’s fairy tales and the tales of the princess tantrums, and babies learn to manage their emotions. Listen to the fable that the wolf is coming and realize that lying is wrong.
There are also popular content such as English learning, festivals, daily life, folk stories, puzzle jokes and so on.

7-12 years old elementary school
Myths and legends: listen to Pangu, and learn the qualities that dare to create. Listen to Kuafu chasing after the sun, and cultivate the will to face difficulties without shrinking.
Logical reasoning: Follow the fascinating detective story \”Monkey Sheriff\’s Detective Case\” to exercise logical reasoning skills and learn not to laugh at others.
Primary school teaching assistant: Listen to the wonderful and wonderful daily story \”Idioms Diary\”, and improve the ability of written expression. \”Wonderful Ancient Poems\” is accompanied by reference translations, making it easier to understand poems and to recite classics more easily.
Fantasy adventure: transform into a magical Tyrannosaurus and explore the world of dinosaurs. Listen to the story of the rabbit coco wit and the magician to inspire the courage and courage of the children.
There are also popular content such as classic fairy tales such as Andersen\’s fairy tales and Grimm\’s fairy tales, folk tales, language learning, artistic enlightenment, and historical enlightenment.

【feature of product】
— More than 3000 hours of audio content, and good stories continue to be updated
— Free download, offline cache, anytime and anywhere you want to listen
— Stories before bedtime to create a warm sleeping atmosphere
— Timing stop playback setting

Baby Bus Story

Baby Bus Story

Baby Bus Story

Baby Bus Story

Baby Bus Story 「內置菜單」v2.3.26 Android遊戲免費下載 (31.8MB)


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