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遊戲名 Baby Bus Wonder House
分類 解謎益智
破解詳情 內置菜單
大小 86.5MB
下載次數 5010
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
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[BabyBus Wonder House], starting from the 7 early education fields of healthy habits, emotional intelligence training, scientific exploration, mathematical ability, language learning, artistic creation, and social culture, it creates enlightenment modules such as interactive stories, subject enlightenment, life experience, and nursery rhyme animation.

[BabyBus Wonder House], let children learn knowledge through interactive stories, nursery rhymes, animations, and puzzle training. Happy enlightenment!

【Wonderful House Tour】
1. Subject Enlightenment
Babies learn mathematics, English, encyclopedia knowledge and exercise logical thinking through interactions such as breaking through barriers and answering PK questions.
Early Mathematics Education: Participate in answering questions, knowing numbers, learning addition and subtraction within 10, and distinguishing geometric figures.
English learning: Rescue the anthropomorphic English letters, keep in mind the appearance of the English letters, and master standard pronunciation and writing.

2. Interactive story
While listening to the story, the baby clicks on the screen according to the voice prompts to promote the development of the plot and enhance concentration in the interactive experience.
Animal science: Join the rescue team to rescue the stranded whale and return it to the sea; start to store food for the hibernating hedgehog.
Humanities Encyclopedia: Paste Spring Festival couplets with Qi and Miao Miao, find missing moon cakes, hold a Halloween party, and learn about domestic and foreign festival customs.

Three, life experience
Through role-playing, children experience more than 20 kinds of professional daily life, participate in artistic creation and educational training.
Professional experience: Become a chef, operate a restaurant, cook food, DIY desserts; become a beauty artist, hairdressing and nail art for the princess.
Educational training: Carry out the challenge of grasping the doll to test the hand-eye coordination; in the maze adventure, exercise observation and logic.

Four, nursery rhymes animation
Babies watch more than 1,000 episodes of nursery rhymes and animations, learn about colors, learn to paint, gain scientific knowledge, and develop good habits.
Artistic enlightenment: watch educational early education animations to understand common colors; in painting enlightenment animations, cultivate artistic cells and aesthetic sense.
Living habits: Learn to sing good habits, and develop good habits of not being picky about eating, paying attention to hygiene, going to the toilet independently, and going to bed on time.

[Wonderful new experience]
Theme parties: Newly launched food parties, garden parties and other theme activities. The baby participates in the experience and will win a mysterious gift.
Wonderful Dressup: Wonderful House has prepared 16 sets of costumes, including chef uniforms, for the little panda Kiki. The baby can dress Kiki.

[BabyBus Wonderful House] is still being updated, baby hurry up and open the Wonderful House to start a journey of exploration and knowledge~

Baby Bus Wonder House 「內置菜單」v9.55.08.00 Android遊戲免費下載 (86.5MB)


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