Crime Wars Island 「無需測試資格驗證」v1.51 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Crime Wars Island
分類 角色扮演
破解詳情 無需測試資格驗證
大小 97.8MB
下載次數 5169
開發者 ZULU
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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How do we solve our problems by big guns? Go to City Crime, the gangster town, where mafia wars and street gang fights become reality! Gun shooting🔫, city car driving, helicopters and corrupted cops, which would not prevent you decide your problems as you want, but not as imposes the laws.🚨

🚔 These days police became too strong against the mafia, gangsters and others dregs. Welcome to the gangsters paradise! Start a rise of Crime City!💸

Features of the game:
– Nice graphics
– Easy control of your hero 💪
– Cool music which adds the atmosphere
– Open city world
– Ability to customize the game to any level of the device by setting the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles
– Ability to acquire property and to enjoy it

For lovers of car racing and driving:
– A huge selection of vehicles
– Ability to buy cars 💲
– Of course, the bad guys can theft auto for himself
– Missions with city racing
– Colorful shootout on the road

For real lovers of blood:
– A wide variety of weapons and guns🔫
– The police certainly not intrusive, but if these guys are angry, they become real beasts. Test your strength in this unequal battle!🚓
– Lots of different missions, which will let you to measure your power with scoundrels of every stripe

Do you like an interesting story and the plot? Excellent!
– Stunning storyline about a young street gangster
– Intricate plot
– Many memorable characters
– All this is sprinkled by dilution constant tense atmosphere of humor

The game\’s plot:
You will plunge into the life of a young man, who has not achieved anything for his more than twenty years ago. His former best friend took advantage of a friendship to open his own business, and then tossed, leaving with nothing. As always, such life bothers any man sooner or later and our hero is no exception. It\’s time to act, but he chose the way which is not peaceful. Having accumulated for a gun, he decides to pay back to Frank. What will it lead to? How the main character will get out of this situation?
This is exactly that you will know. Go ahead, to a new life!

Crime Wars Island(Lots of money)

Crime Wars Island(Lots of money)

Crime Wars Island(Lots of money)

Crime Wars Island(Lots of money)

Crime Wars Island(Lots of money)

Crime Wars Island 「無需測試資格驗證」v1.51 Android遊戲免費下載 (97.8MB)


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