Re:ステージ!プリズムステップ 「無需測試資格驗證」v1.1.64 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Re:ステージ!プリズムステップ
分類 角色扮演
破解詳情 無需測試資格驗證
大小 62.5MB
下載次數 2701
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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Thinking and sensation … A new genre \”thinking rhythm action\” that is a bit different from conventional rhythm games with two operations! !!

◆ On the imagination! ?? A new sensation game of puzzles and rhythms
Tap and slide the screen according to the music and colors to make the idols dance cutely!
Even people who are not good at rhythm games can enjoy it … Even those who are good at it can enjoy it in a new way!
If you can clear it … the best sense of accomplishment!

◆ You can play as much as you want, when you want!
Abolish the AP system and enjoy all-you-can-play and unsuccessful live parts!
… that\’s why! Let\’s play with moderation!

◆ You can make the score of the live part by yourself!
Besides making it yourself, you can also play with the music that everyone made!
Fun, difficulty, how to play … Infinite \”musical score maker\” function!

◆ If you listen to it, you will surely like it! Music with a live feeling
There are plenty of songs of various genres such as pop tunes that pop, cool rock, and solemn songs that use strings, as well as cute songs that are like idols!
New songs are added one after another! You can enjoy all the songs of \”Re: Stage!\” For free!

◆ All stories are full voice
Let\’s grow the girls who start walking again toward the dream that they once tried to give up.
In the unique and attractive story for each idol, you will be thrilled by the unexpected side that you can\’t usually see!

◆ Infinite unit make-up with your favorite idols
In addition to growth factors, girls have infinite combination factors such as various skills and accessory sets!
Let\’s enjoy the live by forming your own original unit with attractive idols!

◆ 18 junior high school girls idols blooming on stage
▽ KiRaRe (Kirari)
, Maina Shikimiya (CV: Amane Makino ) , Sayu Tsukisaka
(CV: Akari Kito)
, Mizuha Ichikishima (CV: Makoto Tazawa ) Jun)
– Hiiragikae (CV: Tachibana MeMegumiyume)
– Kasumi Honjo (CV: Yuka Iwahashi)
Mii Hasegawa (CV: sky Yuki seen)

▽ Orutanshia
, Italian Murasaki Tsumura (CV: Ari Ozawa)
, Italian Tsumura Hihana (CV: Tomomi Mineuchi)

▽ Stella Maris
, Aoi Shikimiya (CV: Minami Takahashi)
, Rinatsu Ichijo (CV: Ayaka Suwa)
, Coral Misaki (CV: Aimi Tanaka)

▽ Troyes Anju
, Amaba Shiratori (CV: Sun) Natsumi Oka)
, Hofu Kan (CV: Rika Abe ) , Nagisaki
Himura (CV: Juri Nagatsuma )

▽ Tetra Lucia, Mikuryu Bando (CV: Natsumi Yamada
, Haku Nishikan (CV: Miki Sato)
, South Wind Shuri No (CV: Tomomi Takayanagi)
, Genji Jokita (CV: Nozomi Nishida)

◆ TV animation \”Re: Stage! Dream Days ”

◆ Official Twitter

\”Re: STAGE! Prism Step (Restage! Prism Step) ”






Re:ステージ!プリズムステップ 「無需測試資格驗證」v1.1.64 Android遊戲免費下載 (62.5MB)


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