Re: Tree of the Savior 「無需測試資格驗證」v0.1.96 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Re: Tree of the Savior
分類 角色扮演
破解詳情 無需測試資格驗證
大小 98.4MB
下載次數 4967
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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For all [RPG fans] who play games on smartphones
Introduce a new RPG to give you a solid sense of gameplay!

Let us pursue the mystery of the missing goddess, and stop the escape of the world with our partner \”companion\”!
Reorganize party members and strategies, and seek breakthroughs when encountering difficulties.
Attributes, training, equipment purchases, class changes… Together with your companions, you will be able to overcome difficulties!

For gamers who are tired of the \”leave it to the game\” style.
Let us be excited about RPG again!

■ Challenging RPG
・If you increase your level and increase your attack power, you can take some measures. No matter who does it, the result is different.
If you encounter a strong enemy or difficulty, please check the attributes, training and equipment with your important partner, and get clues about the strategy!
The fun of each player catching obstacles in various ways will make you feel rewarded.

■Infinitely happy growth cycle
・Get rewards by capturing powerful enemies. Rewards make players stronger and defeat even stronger enemies.
By defeating powerful enemies, the scope of training will be expanded and the freedom of building power will increase. Please enjoy such an infinitely enjoyable game cycle.

■Acoustic vision and worldview
・A group of soft and faint artworks. A mysterious story with fairy tales or fairy tales.
The visual effects in the game well express the nuances between the illustrations and the 3D model.
The artistic and acoustic performance of this work is unique in coexisting nostalgia and novelty.

■The elements of cooperation with other participants
This is an online game system that can cooperate with other players to play games.
Of course, cooperate with other players in the game
You can also create guilds to communicate and challenge guild missions.

[Story of this book]
Kingdoms in the world.
In this kingdom blessed by the goddess, an incident occurred in which a tree called the sacred tree went out of control.
The destruction is huge, and the sacred tree that runs through the ground has had a desperate impact on many cities and many people, including the capital.

In addition, there will be many monsters that day, this kingdom should be protected by the blessing of the goddess and enjoy peace.
Surrounded by dense vegetation and the threat of monsters.

In this devastating world, the player plays the role of the \”reveler\”, chasing the mystery of the disappearing goddess.

Re: Tree of the Savior

Re: Tree of the Savior

Re: Tree of the Savior

Re: Tree of the Savior 「無需測試資格驗證」v0.1.96 Android遊戲免費下載 (98.4MB)


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