Prizefighters 2 「內置菜單」v0.2 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Prizefighters 2
分類 體育
破解詳情 內置菜單
大小 27.4MB
下載次數 1615
開發者 Koality Game
評分 6.0
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Prizefighters returns to the ring to take on all challengers as the best boxing game on the Play Store! Career mode is now deeper, bigger, and badder than ever. Start as an amateur and then train, spar, and climb the rankings to become a champion. But once you\’re the champ it doesn\’t end there, it only gets tougher. Between fights you\’ll have to manage your physical condition and inevitable decline from age. Keep an eye on young up and coming stars that was once just like you, hungry for recognition. Can you continue holding on to the title to become the greatest of all time?

*Prizefighters 2 is a Free-to-Play game but Premium Edition can be purchased to unlock all of the features*

– Exciting retro inspired boxing action featuring jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.
– Create an amateur fighter and begin your legacy in the Road to Victory.
– Schedule your own fights, train your boxer, and unlock new skills and abilities.
– Simulate or spectate other fights around the league.
– Become the Champion and defend your title to become the Greatest of All Time.
– When you\’re ready to retire, start a new career with a new fighter in the same league against old rivals.

Premium Edition
– Manage your own stable of fighters in Boxing Gym Manager mode!
– Book fights and run tournaments for up to 64 fighters in Be the Promoter mode!
– Fully customize weight classes, gyms, rings, and fighters!
– Import and export custom leagues and fighters created by the community!
– 10 save slots for simultaneous career modes!

Prizefighters 2(無廣告)

Prizefighters 2(無廣告)

Prizefighters 2(無廣告)

Prizefighters 2(無廣告)

Prizefighters 2 「內置菜單」v0.2 Android遊戲免費下載 (27.4MB)


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