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遊戲名 World Heroes
分類 策略
破解詳情 不看廣告獲得獎勵
大小 334.6MB
下載次數 4126
開發者 WHWL
評分 6.0
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[introduction to the game]

\”Heroes of the world\” is a real-time strategy game played by the monarch. Abandoning the data collision of traditional strategy game, it realizes independent real-time calculation for each unit, and creatively introduces real-time strategy and real-time battlefield mode in mobile terminal. And through bold ideas and continuous innovation, we can realize the player interaction function in the single game, and realize the unlimited expansion of the single game.

[game features]

——Real time calculus, 100 person battlefield

Realize the grand 100vs100 battlefield on the same screen. Each unit has its own AI, independent calculus, no longer rigidly adhere to the animated data collision.

——Instant strategy, mobile optimization

The real real real-time strategic map, strategizing and guiding the country. Through specially optimized mobile terminal operation habits, you can feel the game experience of computer terminal anytime and anywhere.

——Full customization, sharing and interaction

Powerful custom adjustment of the creation function, to create exclusive games. Through the unique sharing function in the game, it can become the production God of millions of people\’s attention, or wait for massive game content.

——The textual research of generals and monarchs are quite different

All the generals have been carefully investigated and have different personalities as monarchs. They are resourceful, headstrong and self styled.

——Respect history and refuse magic reform

There is no escape, no ghosts, no money to become stronger. As far as possible, we should preserve the original historical appearance and restore the spectacular scene of cold weapon decisive battle.

——Q version modeling, unique style

As the main body of the game, the image of Q version changes the stereotype of bloody and violent war games. Show the war in a different way, more age groups.

——Really free, no liver, no krypton

It\’s completely free and unlimited. No first charge, monthly card, 648. No need to wait for all kinds of activities on time, abandon the pit at any time and return at any time.

World Heroes (trial version)

World Heroes (trial version)

World Heroes (trial version)

World Heroes (trial version)

World Heroes (trial version)

World Heroes 「不看廣告獲得獎勵」v1.1.2 Android遊戲免費下載 (334.6MB)


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