Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles 「破解版」v1.0.0 Android遊戲免費下載

遊戲名 Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles
分類 文字
破解詳情 破解版
大小 49.9MB
下載次數 2339
開發者 Fanatee, Inc.
評分 6.0
破解版 點擊下載破解版
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Play Word Lanes and have an experience like no other! This is the ultimate combination of challenging, yet relaxing word puzzles! Our trivia is nestled in picturesque landscapes and soothing sounds.

What you\’ll experience in our game:

– Swipe away! The answers to the trivia questions are hidden in the puzzle boards. Swipe to unveil them.
– Improve your vocabulary, train your brain, and test your knowledge as puzzles become more challenging.
– Over 6,000 addictive puzzles to breeze through!
– Collect coins, win prizes, and keep track of your progress with our daily themed puzzles.
– No time limit and unlimited tries! Gameplay that is designed to be a calming, fun and relaxing experience.
– No age limit! Our puzzles are for all ages and all difficulty preferences.
– New chapters come with fully original content.
– New landscapes and backgrounds, music, and puzzles added monthly.
– Use power-ups to guide you through this word-finding journey.
– Monthly updates with new puzzles and features!
– Disable ads by purchasing the ad-free version in our store.

With over 6,000 levels of fun and just 10 minutes a day, this game will sharpen your knowledge and help you unwind.

Your journey begins here! Download Word Lanes for free!

Swipe away on Word Lanes and answer our trivia questions in a word-hunting adventure!

Developed with every player in mind, this game is designed to test your knowledge, while allowing you to have a temporary tranquil escape from daily life.

Find the answers to our themed trivia questions by unveiling as many words as possible, and unlock new worlds with fully original landscapes, soundtracks and content. Our puzzles are designed to provide a relaxing experience, while improving your knowledge every time you play.

With 6,000+ levels, Word Lanes will become your companion in a journey of fun, stress-free and educational moments.

Check out our Zen Journey and meditate while looking at beautiful artwork. Solve puzzles to progress through the game and unlock more wondrous landscapes.

Do you enjoy trivia and word games with a beautiful and relaxing twist? Try Word Lanes now! A fully free game experience.

Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles(無限貨幣)

Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles(無限貨幣)

Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles(無限貨幣)

Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles(無限貨幣)

Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles(無限貨幣)

Word Lanes: Relaxing Puzzles 「破解版」v1.0.0 Android遊戲免費下載 (49.9MB)


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